I live in Selangor, Malaysia with my wife, two cats, three children and a bunch of computers. I grew up with computers, my first computer was powered by Intel Pentium III in the late 90s where I used to play star-craft and doom with my brothers.

I’ve never really stopped being a gamer, in fact, one of the primary motivators for me to pick this career path was because I was very curious as to how a game was developed growing up.

Having spent the last five years professionally dabbling with all layers of the stack from frontend, back-end, system operations, system design and architecture in numerous industries. I consider myself a seasoned engineer with the experience in designing, building and maintaining successful products.

Benefit off my experience. Whether it’s improved processes and collaboration, advice on hiring, or junior developers leveling up their skills, you’ll notice a positive cultural shift.


I’m a firm believer of DevOps as a culture and I operate based on these philosophies:


Ready to work together?

You can reach me via these channels: email, twitter, github.